If a dac system is build up, it is important to split up power requirements for every module used and avoids ground loops. Ground loops creates hum and noise and will degrade specs of the dac system. Therefore it is good to give every module its own transformer. In practice never more transformers will be used as three units. To connect these transformers on a save way this power module can be used. Each transformer has its own fuse and connection terminal. The mentioned colors on the board are corresponding to our dedicated transformer option. It also give you the ability to jump from 100 -120 VAC to 200 - 240 VAC just by swapping a jumper and installing the right fuses. Due to high capacities used on all boards, inrush current can be quite high. Therefore an inrush current limiter is used and will avoid extreme peak currents when mains voltage is connected.
OEM solutions for digital audio