Rotary switch

An electronic front panel to select a digital source will be probably different for each customer as it should match with the used housing and should be made, based on custom specs only.

However in some situations the design should be simple or should be made with a limited budget. Therefore we have made a  simple rotary switch which can connect by a ribbon cable to our DAI boards.

Depending the available digital sources the switch can be modified for the amount of steps needed. A dedicated adjustable stop will restrict the number of positions.
The following positions are available:

1     Standby
2     Coax  1
3     Coax  2
4     Toslink
5     USB            
6     AES/EBU      (Only DAI One)
Ribbon cables can be ordered in the following standard lengths:

10 cm
20 cm
30 cm
OEM solutions for digital audio